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Arthritis Surveillance

Arthritis and related conditions include over 100 different diseases that affect the joints and other parts of the body. Arthritis causes pain, stiffness, and in some cases swelling in or around the joints. Arthritis is a leading cause of disability.

A unique partnership currently exists between the Georgia Department of Public Health and the Georgia Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation. This partnership exists as a response to the National Arthritis Action Plan (NAAP). Currently, Georgia has developed a statewide plan based on the NAAP, entitled the Georgia Arthritis Action Plan (GAAP). A core component of this plan includes arthritis surveillance and epidemiology.


  • To describe disease distribution and risk factors for arthritis in Georgia.
  • To explore the usefulness of various data sets for arthritis surveillance.
  • To produce arthritis data reports for the public and health care professionals.
  • To provide support and direction for the Georgia Arthritis Action Plan.