DPH Launches Social Media

September 3, 2013

Originally published July 18, 2011

On its first day as a stand-alone agency, the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) launched social media accounts on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube. DPH joins other government agencies, large corporations, small businesses and nonprofit organizations in using social media as an easy, affordable, and effective way to connect and engage citizens in Georgia as well as local health departments, healthcare providers, partners and worldwide audiences.

Social media websites were once used by college co-eds but not anymore. According to Facebook, there are more than 750 million active users on their site; 50 percent of whom log on at least once a day. Twitter also reports a gargantuan number of 200 million tweets each day. Finally, YouTube’s stats are impressive with more than 2 billion videos viewed - each day!

You can locate DPH’s social media accounts under the user name of GaDPH. Let us know what you think and like.

Because of the millions of online friends, GaDPH can now disseminate pertinent and informative public health news, alerts and advisories across the state. As we enter into hurricane season and natural disasters, DPH will certainly use GaDPH Facebook and Twitter to reach Georgians, particularly those areas that are most vulnerable during the particular emergency. With July’s heat advisories from the National Weather Service, GaDPH can provide health updates to Georgians on how to stay safe and prevent heat-related injury during extreme temperatures, particularly for the elderly, children and pets. District 4 (LaGrange) Public Health recently used Facebook to communicate with residents during the tornadoes in the area. The Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Program’s Live Healthy Georgia is using social media to promote annual health screenings, food and nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation, and mental wellness around the state.

Follow GaDPH on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube. Also, here are the websites and social media accounts for the public health districts across the state.


1-1 Northwest (Rome): http://www.nwgapublichealth.org/


1-2 North Georgia (Dalton): http://www.nghd.org/

2 North (Gainesville): http://phdistrict2.org/

3-1 Cobb/Douglas: http://www.cobbanddouglaspublichealth.org/


3-2 Fulton: http://www.fultoncountyga.gov/county/health/


3-3 Clayton (Jonesboro): http://www.claytoncountypublichealth.org/

3-4 East Metro: http://eastmetrohealth.com/

3-5 DeKalb: http://www.dekalbhealth.net/


4 LaGrange: http://www.district4health.org/


5-1 South Central (Dublin): http://www.southcentralhealth.info/

5-2 North Central (Macon): http://www.northcentralhealthdistrict.com/

6 East Central (Augusta): http://ecphd.com/common/content.asp?PAGE=521  

7 West Central (Columbus):http://columbushealth.com/chd/columbusHealth/index.cfm

8-1 South (Valdosta): http://southhealthdistrict.com/

8-2 Southwest (Albany): www.southwestgeorgiapublichealth.org

9-1 Coastal (Savannah): http://www.gachd.org/

9-2 Southeast (Waycross): http://sehdph.org/


10 Northeast (Athens): http://www.publichealthathens.com/