Georgia’s DBHDD Provides Alternatives to Substance and Alcohol Abusers

September 3, 2013

Originally published Dec. 27, 2011

For Georgians struggling with substance abuse issues, the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities’ (DBHDD) Division of Addictive Diseases has a number of programs to assist them, especially at this holiday time.

These addiction treatment programs help people of all ages withdraw safely from the physical effects of drugs, learn to control their drug dependence, regain skills they may have lost of develop new skills, and begin to develop a new life.  Services depend on a professional determination of need and the services and other community resources available within various communities across the state and include:

·         DUI schools provide risk reduction programs for people who have been arrested for driving or boating while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, or for possession of illegal drugs.  The official website of the Georgia DUI intervention program is, which is provided by DBHDD; or you may call 404-657-2331.

·         Outpatient services such as evaluation, diagnosis, assessment, counseling and consumer and family education.

·         Crisis service – Telephone or face-to-face intervention with the consumer and family to address immediate crisis and link to services.  Call the Georgia Crisis & Access Line at 1-800-715-4225 or visit

·          Detoxification that helps adults and teens at risk of complications withdraw safely from the physical affects of alcohol and other drug use.

·         Residential programs for adults or adolescents with severe addictive disease.

·         ‘Ready for work’ programs offer treatment for women on welfare who are unable to find jobs due to alcohol or other drug problems.

·         Structured residence services are also available for children and adolescents ages 13 -17 years olds in need of a structured residence due to substance abuse located in the metro Atlanta area, as well as the southern part of the state.

·         Group Homes provide a structured temporary living situation for 13-17 year old youths dealing with substance abuse related disorders.

DBHDD wants all Georgians to stay safe this holiday season. “If you’re thinking about drinking and driving this holiday season, or any time for that matter, take a cab,” said Travis Fretwell, Assistant Executive Director for the Department of Behavioral Health’s Division of Addictive Diseases.  “If you drive under the influence of alcohol and other drugs you will pay the price in Georgia.”

Concerned about being safe this holiday season? 

·           Stay home to celebrate

·           Take a cab if you plan to drink

·           Consider the embarrassment, car crashes, unprotected sex, violence and in some cases, death that can be caused by drinking

·           Know that beer and wine are not “safer” than liquor. A 12-ounce beer, a 5-ounce glass of wine and a 1.5-ounce shot of liquor all contain the same amount of alcohol.

·           Remember that a DUI will be on your arrest record and driving record forever. It could impact your insurance rates, professional licenses and job opportunities.

Remember that driving under the influence of a drug (other than alcohol) is also a DUI and has the same penalties as a DUI for alcohol. 

The Division of Addictive Diseases funds a number of treatment and prevention programs throughout Georgia.  For more information please click here or call 404-657-2331.

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