HIV Testing Up in Cobb & Douglas

September 3, 2013

Originally published July 11, 2011

The Cobb & Douglas Public Health District (DCPH) had great success at their National HIV Testing Day at the Marietta Public Health Department. The health department tested 102 clients this year, nine times more than they tested in 2010.

CDPH collaborated with Someone Cares Inc. of Atlanta to organize the event. Every person who attended the event received counseling and testing in 25 minutes or less. 

Not only did CDPH staffers work on raising awareness of HIV rates, they made it fun and festive with balloons that were bright and cheerful to recruit participants. 

One client said that he had always wondered if he had HIV, and seeing the event advertised prompted him to get tested. Because this was a collaborative effort and was marketed locally and nationally, the health department was able to hit diverse populations they haven’t hit before. “We had three patients in their 60’s who came out to get tested,” said Darryl Mitchell, HIV Program Manager at the Cobb-Douglas Public Health District 3-1.

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