DPH Recognized for Faithful Service to Georgia

September 4, 2013

Originally published on Oct. 24, 2011

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) commends employees for years of service and dedication to ensuring the health of Georgia citizens. Established by the Georgia General Assembly to recognize state employees, the Faithful Service Awards Program recognizes approximately 13,000 state employees annually for their service. Awarded in five year increments, The Faithful Service Award begins with recognition at the five year mark.

Join PHWEEK in congratulating our co-workers for their dedication and commitment to making a difference in public health.

20 Years
Helen Diane Watson and Angelique Webster

15 Years
Matthew Carter, III and Thelma Fannin

10 Years
Kristal L. Ammons, Adebumi Salimot Bamidele, Sherilyn P. Bell, Patrina Lafaye Bowles, Tina Williams Dempsey, Sonia A. Gibert, Jeanissa J. Ginn, Charles Henry Hall, Cindi R. Hart, Susan Hubbard, Gwendolyn Johnson, Rosalind K. Jones, Chancey L. Joiner, Angela Kiana Knight, Margareta A. Milkas, Angel M. Moten, Tamiko P. Pickett, Linda Simmons, Rhonda L. Simpson, Joseph A. Sternberg, Lakeshia Strong, Monica L. Vargas, and Jierong Xu

5 Years
David P. Austin, Chiquita Frances Covington, Camille F. Cowans, Kelly Kim Duke, Roxie Hanson, Eina A. Hogan, Jherusha L. Lambert, Tomeka Nicole Linder, Ricky R. Magee, Lakisha L. McMillian, Hanethia Paulette Parks, Laura A. Quinche Perez, and Pamela Q. Tyson

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