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18th Annual Immunize Georgia Conference: Providing Immunization Education

December 13, 2013

Originally published Aug. 29, 2011

Every year, the Georgia Department of Public Health presents the Immunize Georgia Conference, a daylong event tailored for members of the medical community in both the public and private sectors. Beyond simply “networking,” the Immunize Georgia Conference plays a key role in educating immunization service providers throughout the state on the current best practices and immunization recommendations. 

Healthcare providers understand the importance vaccination plays in protecting patients, themselves and those around from vaccine-preventable diseases. The opportunity to learn scientific and programmatic information is essential for safe and competent immunization practices. Goals of the Immunize Georgia Conference are to provide information that will help participants provide and promote immunization coverage for all age groups, while offering increased opportunities for networking, partnership and collaboration in the state immunization field. 

Topics will include:

  • Adolescent and child immunizations and addressing parent’s concerns about vaccines
  • An update on adult immunization: expanding coverage, enhancing protection and new formulations
  • Practicing what you preach: vaccinating health care workers
  • ACIP vaccine updates and new vaccines
  • Maximizing practice revenue through proper coding for reimbursement

The 18th Annual Immunize Georgia Conference will take place on Thursday, September 15, 2011 at the Macon Marriott City Center located at 240 Coliseum Dr. in Macon, Georgia. Registration is still open and anyone interested in attending can email for more information.