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Buy a Tag, Save a Life

February 10, 2014

Georgia drivers can help women in need just by picking a license plate. When a driver buys a breast cancer awareness license plate from the Department of Motor Vehicles, $22 of the tag fee goes to supporting women in the fight against breast cancer.

The money funds grants that pay for screenings, education and treatment for uninsured Georgians who are also below the federal poverty level.

Georgia CORE – the Center for Oncology, Research and Education administers the grants – called the Georgia Access, Care, Treatment and Services (ACTS) grants -- on behalf of the Georgia State Office of Rural Health, part of the Department of Community Health. In 2012, the grant program was able to award nearly $1.1 million to 16 community organizations from the sale of the breast cancer license tags. Located throughout Georgia, these organizations used the funds in 2013 to expand breast cancer education, screening, access, outreach and treatment to Georgians in need.

“As long as Georgia drivers buy the license tag, the fund will continue to grow,” said Angie Patterson, Georgia CORE Vice President and lead administrator of the ACTS Breast Cancer Grant. “With breast cancer being the second leading cause of cancer death among women in our state, we need more people to buy them so we can expand breast cancer treatment and early detection services to as many Georgians as possible.”

To find out how to purchase a breast cancer awareness license tag, visit the Georgia Department of Revenue’s website or visit your local county tag office. For more information on other cancer care initiatives, as well as trials, treatments, oncologists and resources currently available throughout the state, please visit