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DPH Welcomes HIV Medical Advisor

March 31, 2014

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) welcomes Gregory Felzien, M.D., to his new role as medical advisor to the department’s HIV program. He will provide medical guidance to program staff and help DPH assure the quality of care it provides to Georgians with HIV/AIDS.

Gregory Felzien, M.D., is the new medical advisor to DPH's HIV program.

Felzien served as the director of the Office of Infectious Diseases and HIV Medicine in the Southeast Health District for the past five years. He officially took up his new DPH role on March 15. 

Patrick O'Neal, M.D., DPH's director of health protection, said Felzien's experience in using telemedicine to care for people with HIV will help move the department's HIV program forward.

"Dr. Felzien has an excellent reputation as one of the finest infectious disease doctors specializing in HIV care in Georgia," O'Neal said. "DPH is optimistic that Dr. Felzien will be instrumental in our quest to expand telemedicine and offer specialty consultations in areas of the state that do not have medical specialists."

Felzien said his work in the Southeast Health District made him ready to take on the challenges of his new role at DPH.

"I am very appreciative of the opportunity to work with this district," he said. "I have certainly learned a lot in this role during my tenure here."

Felzien will continue to work with Georgia’s health districts in his new role, he added.

Felzien came to the Southeast Health District after serving as division director of Infectious Disease at Hastings Indian Medical Center in Oklahoma. As an integral part of the Southeast Health District’s Infectious Disease team, he provided quality care to patients as district programs were restructured to allow for increased capacity, greater efficiency and innovative practice. 


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