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September is Georgia SHAPE Month

September 2, 2014

 Spout Springs School’s Power Up for 30

September is Georgia SHAPE month, a celebration of physical fitness and healthy living across the state. Throughout the month, Georgians of all ages are invited to participate in a variety of events to learn more about the Governor’s statewide childhood fitness and nutrition initiative.

Power Up for 30 is one of the Georgia SHAPE programs. It focuses on movement throughout the day. The goal is to increase physical activity and movement for students before, during and/or after school for at least 30 minutes every day, every school and for every child.

Spout Springs School of Enrichment in Flowery Branch, Ga. is one of the Power Up for 30 schools. They offer many opportunities for its students to move.  There is physical education every day, recess every day before lunch, brain breaks in classrooms throughout the day, and after school running clubs. In addition, Spout Springs is a Charter School of Enrichment and has Clusters (classes) on Wednesday mornings throughout the year – 10 first semester and 10 second semester. These Clusters are chosen from student surveys each semester. Many of these Clusters are wellness oriented such as: Karate, Dance, Seminole Striders, Fun For Now - Fun For A Lifetime, Soccer, Football, Totally Tomboys, Zumba and others.

Spout Springs School of Enrichment started Power Up for 30 in August 2013.  The school’s administration decided to increase physical activity during the past three years.  Spout Springs participates with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, First Down for Fitness with the Atlanta Falcons, Fuel Up to Play 60, and Power Up for 30. These programs all work together to create a very physically active, healthy school.

Over the years, getting the kids to move has made a tremendous difference at Spout Springs.  Test scores have increased each year and discipline referrals are down almost 30 percent.

Students kindergarten through fifth grade are having a blast with Power Up for 30 and it shows in their participation.  Power Up for 30 provides students several options to stay fit, alert and active.

“I like that there are so many ways to stay healthy like running clubs, healthy smoothies, brain breaks, more recess,” said Jake, a fifth grader.

Power Up for 30 is not only exciting to students; Spout Springs’ teachers are enthusiastic as well.

“It increases engagement in the classroom because there is no right or wrong answer and everyone is capable of performing,” said Susan Minton, a third grade teacher. ” It brings joy back in the classroom.” 

Spout Spring’s teachers see the benefits of the physical activity for students, which help them to be more attentive during class time.

“It’s amazing how much a small amount of activity can make as far as focus in the classroom goes,” said Cindy Reese, a third grade teacher. “During transitions is a perfect time to toss in a three minute brain break and they really work.”

To learn how your school can take the Power Up for 30 Pledge, visit

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