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Colorectal Cancer Control Program: Strategic Priorities and Partners

Strategic Priorities and Partnerships

The Georgia Colorectal Cancer Program (GACRCP) maintains collaborative partnersnhips with numerous organizations including the five Georgia Regional Cancer Coalitions and the American Cancer Society to maximize resources to enhance colorectal cancer prevention, colorectal cancer screening,  and access to preventative health and social services. Goals include reducing the incidence of colorectal cancer and detecting cancers at an early stage when treatment will be most beneficial.

Tthe Georgia Colorectal Cancer Program (GACRCP) activities designed to increase colorectal cancer screenings include:

  • Community Education and Outreach
  • Healthcare Provider Education and Support
  • Media Awareness and Educational Campaigns
  • Capacity-building 
  • Policy and Systems Changes
  • Patient Navigation
  • Provision of Colorectal Cancer Screening   

The Georgia Regional Cancer Coalitions also collaborate with local Health Departments, Federally Qualified Health Centers (also known as Community Health Center) and other primary care settings to promote colorectal cancer screening and education