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Diabetes Surveillance

Diabetes surveillance is conducted to provide information on diabetes for the state of Georgia and to serve the public health needs of the citizens of our state.


  • To calculate prevalence, hospitalization, and mortality rates of diabetes in Georgia.
  • To provide diabetes data to the diabetes control program and assist staff in developing strategies and evaluating effectiveness.
  • To provide technical assistance and consultation regarding epidemiology of diabetes, risk factors, and preventive practices to community public health partners, district staff, legislators, and the public.


2013 Gestational Diabetes Report 

2013 Diabetes and Smoking Data Summary 

2013 Diabetes and Eye Disease Data Summary 

2012 Diabetes Burden Report 

2011 Prediabetes Poster 

2009 Diabetes Burden Report 

2008 Kidney Disease Data Summary 

2008 Vision Impairments Data Summary 

2005 Kidney Disease Report