EMS Classroom


Effective April 1, 2015, the virtual EMS Classroom will be offline while under-going a much needed modernization and update.  We hope to have the virtual EMS classroom back on-line by September 2015.  We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.

There are numerous continuing education offerings across the state, for additional information please contact your Regional EMS Director.  A directory can be found on our website at:  http://dph.georgia.gov/regional-ems-offices-0


PDF Files from the Infectious Disease Summit - November 12, 2014

Planning for Infectious Diseases
- presented by Cherie L. Drenzek, DVM, MS

Bloodborne and Respiratory Pathogens 
- presented by Wendy Smith, MPH, MA

EMS: Transport and Care of Patients Ill with EVD 
- presented by Alexander Isakov, MD, MPH, FACEP

Public Health Legal Authority 
- presented by Zain Farooqui and Dawn M. Deidrich

Personal Protective Equipment
- presented by Chief Byron Kennedy, Ed.D. and Sam Shartar, RN, CEN