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GCCR Newsletters

The GCCR Register is a quarterly newsletter produced by the Georgia Comprehensive Cancer Registry (GCCR) to keep reporting facilities updated on activities at the central cancer registry.

Fall 2007 PDF

  • New Goal for the GCCR… It is Here!
  • Georgia Data Presented at 2007 CDC Cancer Conference

Summer 2007 PDF

  • Multiple Primary and Histology 2007 Rules: Frequently Asked Questions

Spring 2007 PDF

  • MPH Rules Update
  • Sumter Regional Hospital

Winter 2007 PDF

  • Coding Errors: Conversion Problems
  • New Diagnosis Codes: Effective October 1, 2006

Fall 2006 PDF

  • Have You Changed Your Casefinding Codes?
  • 2007 Multiple Primary and Histology Coding Rules

Spring 2006 PDF

  • Sequencing Tumors
  • Unknown Date of Diagnosis Versus Estimating the Date

Winter 2006 PDF

  • The Patterns of Care Project

Fall 2005 PDF

  • The Multiple Primary and Histology Coding Rules Project
  • Cancer Reporting from Physician Offices

Summer 2005 PDF

  • 2003 Incomplete Cancer Reporting
  • Thyroid Carcinoma: Capsule (Capsular) Extension
  • The Mortality Query System

Spring 2005 PDF

  • Kaiser Permanente Pilot Project
  • Collaborative Staging: CS Site Specific Factors 3, 4 and 5 for Breast Cases

Winter 2005 PDF

  • Electronic Pathology Reporting (E-Path)
  • Georgia Hospital Edits

Fall 2004 PDF

  • Hospital Resources on the Web
  • M.D. Anderson Comes to Georgia

Summer 2004 PDF

  • Missing, Unknown, and Unspecific Data Values
  • Death Clearance - What is It?

Spring 2004 PDF

  • Benign Brain and Central Nervous System Tumors

Winter 2004 PDF

  • GCCR Moving Into Improving Data Quality
  • CDC National Program of Cancer Registries Audit

Fall 2003 PDF

  • Congratulations, Georgia

Spring 2003 PDF

  • Private Physicians, Hospitals, and HIPAA
  • Benign Brain Tumor Reporting

Winter 2003 PDF

  • Identifying Patient Race and Ethnicity
  • Why My Hospital?

Fall 2002 PDF

  • GCCR Journey to Completeness

Spring 2002 PDF

  • Cancer in Children

Winter 2002 PDF

  • Moving from Snail Mail to Email
  • Annual Report Shows Overall Decline in U.S. Cancer Incidence and Death Rates

Fall 2001 PDF

  • Journey into the Unknown
  • Internet Resources for Cancer Registrars

Summer 2001 PDF

  • GA Breast Cancer Screening Program Matches Data against GCCR
  • GCCR Casefinding Audit Results

Spring 2001 PDF

  • Thank You Note from the Georgia Comprehensive Cancer Registry
  • GCCR Extended Definition for Class of Case 3

Winter 2001 PDF

  • DHR and ACS Release Georgia Cancer Data Report 2000
  • Completeness of Case Reporting