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Georgia’s Worksite Health Initiative

Program Overview

The mission of Georgia’s Worksite Health Initiative is to reduce the burden of chronic diseases by partnering with Georgia businesses to create and enhance worksite environments as well as improve the health of their employees. The Georgia Worksite Health Initiative aims to provide leadership in the area of worksite health promotion and advance statewide efforts in the following areas:

  • Resource development and technical assistance
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Establishment of model worksites
  • State-level partnerships to support worksite efforts

Program Objective

Increase the proportion of worksites that offer an employee health promotion program to their employees (Healthy People 2020 Objective). 

Program Highlights

Georgia’s Worksite Health Initiative aims to become a single-point of contact for employers to access information, resources and programming ideas. The Georgia Worksite Health Initiative seeks to partner with employers of various sizes and industries across the state through the use of various resources including the Work Healthy Georgia Toolkit. 

In an effort to create a healthier Georgia workforce, the Georgia Worksite Health Initiative encourages employers to implement health promotion activities, policies and environmental changes which address the risk factors for chronic diseases related to nutrition, physical inactivity and tobacco use.

The Georgia Worksite Health Initiative works directly with employers to implement comprehensive worksite wellness programming to sustain the health and productivity of working adults in Georgia.

Contact information

Kiley Morgan, PhD, MPH, MS, CHES