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Georgia cAARds Program: Ask, Advise, Refer with Follow-up

In an effort to increase awareness and support for tobacco cessation among persons all tobacco users (including those with chronic diseases-diabetes, high blood pressure, COPD, asthma, prediabetes) as well as pregnant and postpartum tobacco users, the Georgia cAARds (Ask, Advise, Refer with Follow-up) Program was created. 

The Georgia cAARds (Ask, Advise, Refer with Follow-Up) Program is a multi-faceted educational program and the result of a collaboration between state programs: Georgia Tobacco Use Prevention Program (GTUPP) and Georgia Diabetes Prevention and Control Program (DPCP). The Georgia cAARds Program is designed to further support healthcare providers, mid-level practitioners, clinicians and other members of the healthcare and public health team with maximizing the routine delivery of  evidence-based tobacco cessation interventions.

The Georgia cAARds Program can be implemented in various healthcare, public health and employee health settings including: healthcare centers, clinics, physician offices, home health, urgent care centers, university school health clinics and skilled nursing facilities to name a few.

Organizations interested in participating in the Georgia cAARds Program and obtaining free resources (i.e. Georgia cAARds Program Reference Manual, webinars) are welcome to please complete the Georgia cAARds (Ask, Advise and Refer with Follow-up) Program: Interest Form or  contact us. 

Keith A. Bussey, MPH
Tobacco Cessation Coordinator
(404) 657-6313