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Hazardous Waste Sites

Hazardous Waste Sites in Georgia

There are a variety of types of hazardous waste sites in the State of Georgia. These sites are important to the Chemical Hazards Program (CHP) because they are potential routes of exposure to chemical hazards. The public should not only be aware of, but also educated about, what is happening at sites in their area. The majority of public health assessments and consultations, technical assistance, and community education programs conducted by the CHP address a specific hazardous waste site. Listings of hazardous waste sites can be found at:

National Priorities List (NPL)

The NPL is a list of hazardous waste sites to be cleaned up in the United States. Information on the NPL, the "Superfund" legislation that governs it, and the NPL sites in Georgia can be found here.

Hazardous Site Inventory

The Hazardous Site Inventory (HSI) is a list of sites in Georgia where there has been a known or suspected release of a regulated substance into the environment above a reportable quantity that have yet to show they meet state clean-up standards.


Brownfields are abandoned, idle, or underused industrial and commercial properties where redevelopment is hindered by real or perceived environmental contamination. The federal Brownfields Redevelopment Initiative provides funds to clean up and reuse these sites.