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History of Public Health Nursing in Georgia

Georgia public health nursing has a strong legacy of responding to the health needs of communities by providing clinical services to individuals and families, participating in community-based initiatives and making a difference in the health populations.  To recognize the first one-hundred years of service and to focus on the work of public health nurses as majors partners for health, the Georgia Department of Public Health Office of Nursing convened a committee that developed this rich history.

This document represents the first published history of Georgia public health nursing.  It is a tribute to the public health nurses in Georgia who have pioneered, engineered and forged the way for the rest of us.  We owe them a huge debt for building the public’s trust and providing a guide for our current and future practice.  This document offers wisdom about the past and inspiration for public health in the 21st century.

The Georgia Public Health Nurse Pin

Our pin is gold symbolizing richness in strength and character.  In the center are three pillars representing Courage, Wisdom and Advocacy.  The banner connecting the three pillars proclaims the goals of Public Health “Protection, Preparedness, and Promotion”.  Across the arch connecting the pillars is Prevention, the cornerstone of Georgia Public Health.

The Lamp of Florence Nightingale is lit and placed high atop the columns inside the arch signifying the illumination Georgia Public Health nurses have, not only on their communities but also to overall preventive health care knowledge.

Circling the gold center of the pin is a row of sparkling clear or white stones and a row of blue stones. Blue symbolizes wisdom and health.  It is a cool, contemplative color.  Blue is also symbolic of profound mediation, and of enduring loyalty. hite is traditional to nursing and is the color of serenity and peace, of purity and joy that belongs to the pure in heart.

Our Public Health Nurse pin is a common bond for all, regardless of location.