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HIV Care Continuum, 2011


HIV Care Continuum, Georgia, United States, 2011
Deepali Rane, MBBS, MPH, Jane Kelly, MD, Denise Hughes, B.S.

Seventy-one percent of newly-diagnosed HIV infections (3725) were linked to care. Among these, populations least linked to care were males (70%), age group 13-24 years (60%); Black, non-Hispanics (68%), men having sex with men (MSM) (69%), and Black, non-Hispanic injection drug users (IDU) (71%). Among all persons living with HIV (41,935), 52% were retained in care; 73% were virally-suppressed. Least retained in care were Hispanic/Latino IDU males (33%); least virally-suppressed among those in care were Black, non-Hispanic IDU females (68%).

Analyzing Georgia's care continuum contributes data to target HIV prevention and treatment by identifying groups at greatest risk. Further stratification by geographic region, socioeconomic factors, and care facility is needed. Monitoring the care continuum can be used to re-engage out-of-care patients