Monitoring and Evaluation Services

  1. Provide technical assistance and advice to health districts to improve STD related programs.
    • Provide technical assistance to local and district health departments, colleges and universities, private medical practices and insurance companies on information regarding STDs.
    • Work with health districts to reduce the error rates on submission forms as needed.
  2. Participate in planning and organizing program structure, policies, and procedures to meet organizational and programmatic objectives.
    • Identifies, reviews, and updates policy and procedures as needed.
    • Participates in writing the update of the STD policy and Procedure Manual
    • Monitor compliance at IPP sites with IPP guidelines
  3. Monitors activities and coordinates services by staff to ensure effective utilization and cost effectiveness of practices in services delivery and documentation.
    • Plans, coordinates, and implements STD training for health districts
    • Conducts periodic program audits including review of records to ensure appropriate compliance with policy and procedure of STD section and current grantors.
    • Conduct site visits to monitor and ascertain quality assurance of STD activities.