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Preconception Nutrition Position Paper 2006

This paper explains the Georgia Department of Public Health, Nutrition Services Unit's stance on the importance of assessing nutrition status, and making necessary changes prior to conception. Preconception nutrition is one of a number of important preconception health topics women of child-bearing age should be informed about prior to pregnancy.

Obesity in Georgia's 3rd Grade Children

The purpose of this report is to describe the burden of obesity in Georgia's 3rd grade children and highlight immediate actions needed to address the childhood obesity epidemic.

Take Charge of Your Health, Georgia! 
Georgia's 10-year Nutrition and Physical Activity Plan  and 
Executive Summary 

Georgia's Nutrition and Physical Activity plan (2005-2015) is a ten-year, comprehensive plan to prevent and control obesity and other chronic diseases by increasing breastfeeding, improving healthy eating habits, increasing physical activity and decreasing television viewing/screen time. Education, policy and environmental strategies are identified. The plan was developed by the Georgia Department of Public Health Division of Public Health and the Take Charge of Your Health, Georgia Task Force.

Overweight and Obesity in Georgia 2005

This report summarizes the burden of overweight and obesity in Georgia. The report also highlights strategies to prevent obesity by increasing breastfeeding initiation and duration, improving healthy eating habits, increasing physical activity and decreasing television viewing. The information presented in this report is intended to help plan, implement and evaluate programs to promote healthy behaviors in all Georgians.

Overweight Among Middle and High School Students In Georgia, 2001

This report summarizes the most recent data available on the prevalence of overweight among middle and high school students aged 11 to 18 years in Georgia. The report also describes the differences among sex and race groups. Recommendations for prevention of overweight in children and adolescents are discussed.

Resources for Children with Special Needs: A Handbook for Families and Professionals

This handbook created by the Georgia Folic Acid Task Force has useful information for parents and professionals, including: a brief description of neural tube defects and the role of folic acid in prevention; instructions for obtaining a Deeming Waiver which may assist parents with the financial aspect of obtaining medical care for a disabled child; and a list of agencies to assist care givers in finding a wide variety of resources for children with special needs.

Status of Obesity in Georgia 2000

This telephone survey was conducted to determine behaviors, attitudes, and knowledge concerning nutrition and physical activity.

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