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Pediatric HIV Surveillance

Pediatric HIV Surveillance is part of Core Surveillance in Georgia. This program collects lab reports and Pediatric Case Report Forms for entry into the Enhanced HIV/AIDS Reporting System (eHARS). This database produces the dataset that enables our epidemiologists to respond to data requests (also see the left menu bar Forms for reporting forms and data requests forms). This information is included and published in Georgia's HIV Surveillance Summaries and Fact Sheets. Future efforts are to produce a Pediatric Surveillance Summary and Fact Sheet.

Perinatal vs. Pediatric HIV Surveillance

Pediatric HIV Surveillance is different from Perinatal Surveillance. A perinatal case is defined as an individual infected with HIV linked to a mother known to be HIV-infected. A pediatric case is defined as infection prior to age 13 regardless of mother's known status. All cases of pediatric or perinatal HIV infection (age <13 years) must by Georgia law be reported within 7 days of diagnosis using the Pediatric Case Report Form .

The Enhanced Perinatal HIV/AIDS Surveillance (EPS) Program

Future Pediatric Surveillance Programs

Georgia is currently seeking funding to expand our surveillance capabilties to include pediatric HIV exposure. Currently, this program is projected to begin in 2014.

Providers should report pediatric HIV exposure with 7 days of exposure using a Pediatric HIV Exposure Reporting Form (link). Providers can complete and submit all forms through:



Snail mail at: