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Preventing Tobacco Use Among Adolescents and Youth

We are smoke-free!

Nearly 90 percent of smokers report that they began
using tobacco in their teens.  

Youth who avoid using tobacco at an early age are unlikely to become tobacco users later in life and avoid the many harms and consequences of using tobacco  products (ie. cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco chew and snuff).

Quick Facts: Tobacco Use Among Georgia Youth 

  • About 11 percent  (38,000) of middle school students in Georgia currently use any form of tobacco.
  • About 23 percent  (93,000) of high school students in Georgia currently use any form of tobacco.
  • About 49 percent (33,000) of high school students who currently smoke cigarettes tried to quit during the past year.
  • About 45 percent (162,000) of middle school students and 55 percent (248,000) of high school students reported that they were exposed to secondhand smoke in the past seven days.

We can make tobacco use among youth the exception, and not the norm. Ending the tobacco epidemic by creating a tobacco-free generation may include support from all of us-schools, teachers, parents, coaches, healthcare professionals and communities.

  How to Prevent Tobacco Use Among Youth

To prevent tobacco use among youth, the independent Task Force on Community Preventive Services’ Guide to Community Preventive Services recommends:

  • Conducting mass media education campaigns when combined with other community interventions.
  • Mobilizing the community to restrict minor’s access to tobacco products when combined with additional interventions (stronger local laws directed at retailer active enforcement of retailer sales laws, retailer education with reinforcement).
  • Implementing school-based interventions in combination with mass media campaigns and additional community efforts. 
  • Increasing the unit price of tobacco products.

Contact Information

Chanelle L. Jefferson, MPA
Youth Tobacco Prevention Coordinator
(404) 657-0614