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Women’s Health Medicaid Program: Eligibility and Services

Am I Eligible for Women's Health Medicaid Program (BCCP) Services? 

Program Eligibility

In order to participate in the program, participants must meet the following criteria:

Income: Must meet the annual income requirements for the Georgia Breast and Cervical Cancer Program.

Health Condition: Must be diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer determine by a biopsy.

Age: Must be younger than 65 years of age.

Health Insurance Status: Must have no health insurance coverage for cancer treatment and not eligible for Medicare.

Residential Status: Must be a Georgia resident who is a U.S. citizen or qualified alien.


Where Can I Find Women's Health Medicaid Program Services In My Area? 

Access to Services

Any uninsured woman with a limited annual income (family income not greater than 200% of the federal poverty level) who has been diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer may visit their local county health department in her county of residence to complete an application.

Information regarding the program can also be obtained from the Georgia Office of Cancer Screening and Treatment Unit at the e-mail address and telephone number featured below. 

 E-mail information:

Telephone: (404) 657-7735