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Thank you for visiting the Children’s Medical Services webpage. Partnering with health care providers and vendors is a huge reason for the CMS program’s success with supporting families with children with special health care needs.

The CMS program is a resource for families with medically complex children and youth (birth to 21 years of age) with chronic medical conditions. Refer families that are in need of care coordination services, access to specialty care clinics, and transition from pediatric to adult health care preparation and planning.

Reasons to refer families to Children’s Medical Services for Care Coordination Services:

  • Assist with timely access to a comprehensive system of services and resources
  • Encourage continuity of care
  • Provide family support and improve family well-being
  • Improve health, developmental, educational, vocational, psychosocial, and functional outcomes
  • Improve the quality, integration, and organization of systems of care for children with special health care needs and their families
  • Provide transition planning for adolescents moving from pediatric to adult care

Do you currently care for children enrolled in the CMS program?

For off-site vendors and/or providers of services, equipment and/or supplies, a letter of agreement or contract may be required at the discretion of the local public health district office.

For on-site vendors and/or providers of services, equipment and/or supplies, MUST HAVE a signed agreement in place to receive reimbursement for services from the local public health district office. Qualified vendors and/or providers of services, equipment and/or supplies are appropriately licensed and/or credentialed to provide the designated services.

CMS is always in need of pediatric subspecialists willing to support families living outside the metro- area. Interested in supporting a CMS specialty clinic on-site or via telemedicine, please contact Sharifa Peart, Program Director at [email protected] or 404-657-2861.

The CMS program partners with the Georgia Chapter American Academy of Pediatrics and Georgia Academy of Family Physicians to provide educational opportunities for physicians and ensure that members are aware of the Department’s public health initiatives.

Archived Webinars:

May 24, 2017: Adult Disability Medical Home (ADMH) – Transitioning from pediatric to adult healthcare


March 22, 2017: Children’s Medical Services (CMS) - Healthcare Transitions

Presenter: Sharifa Peart, MPH

May 20th, 2016: CDC’s Learn the Signs. Act Early. Don’t Wait and See – Making the Case for Developmental Surveillance and Screening

Presenter: Jennifer Zubler, MD, FAAP

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