Georgia Coordinating Center

The Georgia Coordinating Center, or GCC, (formerly known as the Regional Coordinating Center) was established in 2019 following the flooding at Grady Memorial Hospital. The GCC is responsible for coordinating the use of emergency rooms by ground ambulance services for patients being transported from the scene of an emergency to emergency departments that are located in the 13-county metro Atlanta area.

EMS personnel transporting patients via ground ambulance should call 404-616-6440 to reach the Georgia Coordinating Center. Please note that all calls to the GCC are recorded.

The GCC phone number is ONLY for use by EMS personnel and hospitals. If you are a member of the public who is experiencing a medical emergency and require assistance, DIAL 9-1-1.

For any issues related to the GCC, please contact 404-616-6440.

GCC Dashboard Link

Purpose of the GCC:

  • To provide increased situational awareness for EMS crews who are transporting patients regarding current hospital capacity and diversion/saturation status so that the CREW can make an informed decision regarding the transport of the patient based on:
    • EMS Agency Protocols, which should address:
      • Patient's requested destination;
      • Patient's current condition;
    • Current location of the transporting ground ambulance;
    • Information obtained from the GCC related to:
      • Current emergency room capacity and utilization in the GCC coverage area;
      • Number of recent EMS transports from emergency scenes to emergency rooms in the GCC coverage area; and
      • Recent average wall times for EMS transports from emergency scenes to emergency rooms in the GCC coverage area.

Page last updated 8/19/2022