GEMSIS Elite Trainings

1. Accessing ImageTrend University

Video Covers: How to access ImageTrend University. There are more in detail webinars, videos, and step by step instructions on different topics related to GEMSIS Elite. 

2. Incident Entry Using Elite Field

Video Covers: Accessing and completing an incident form using Elite Field. 

3. Viewing Current EMS Incidents

Video Covers: EMS Incident List

4. Signatures

Video Covers: Setting up signature paragraphs, type of person signing and how to use a signature on an incident form. 

5. Viewing Facilities List

Video Covers: Agency can set most common facilities used for patients that are transported to or from a facility.

Note: You will need to contact [email protected] if you need a specific facility to be added to the system. Only system administrators can add/edit new or current facilities. 

6. Setting up Auto Number on Incidents

Video Covers: Agency administrators can manage the format of the auto-generated incident, inspection, occupant, permit, project, and fire investigation numbers. 

7. View Imported Runs

Instructions on how to check Download this pdf file. imported runs for agencies using a 3rd party ePCR software. 

For any questions please contact [email protected] or 770-996-6207

ImageTrend Support: 1888-730-3255

Page last updated 1/11/22