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Contractors (installers & pumpers)


         Geologists (editable Word version)
         Engineers (editable Word version)
         Soil Classifiers (editable Word version)

Additional Soil Classifier Info

Verification of Residency Form - Contractors
Verification of Residency Form - Soil Classifiers

* Required for all individuals holding a state certification

EHS Registration/Onsite Certification
EHS Update Form (name and/or contact info change)

Study Guides:

Please call your County or District Envrionmental Health Office to schedule an exam.

Portable Sanitation

Septic Tank Installation:

Drip Emitter System
Mound and Area Fill
Residential (also used for the Soil Classifier DPH Rules and Regs test)

Septic Tank Septage Removal and Disposal

Additional Soil Classifier Info



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