Environmental Health Branch Staff Member to Study in Europe After Work Recognized Nationally

September 3, 2013

Originally published July 11, 2011

Julia Campbell, a Program Consultant with the Chemical Hazards Program in the Environmental Health Branch, has been awarded with a prestigious honor in the environmental health community. Julia was selected as the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)/Chartered Institute of Environmental Health/Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors Sabbatical Exchange Award recipient for 2011. The NEHA Sabbatical Exchange is a renowned two to four week professional development opportunity to observe international environmental health practice policies and methods, and to share American expertise with professionals in Canada or Britain. Each year, one Environmental Health professional is selected from a nationwide pool of applicants.

This fall, Julia will conduct a sabbatical for three weeks in Britain investigating landfills and brownfields in a high precipitation, high groundwater table, island environment. Brownfields are former industrial or business properties where redevelopment or reuse may be complicated by the presence of, or potential for, health hazards or toxic chemicals. They are often found in low-income neighborhoods, such as industrial areas of inner cities. London will host the next summer Olympics and there is an intensive and innovative brownfields redevelopment program underway.

Julia will study the migration of contaminants from landfills and brownfields, exposure pathways and potential human health effects. Her study will examine a range of factors including soils, climate, remediation methods, environmental justice, community involvement and the policy implications. She also plans to meet with Environmental Health Specialists in Britain and Scotland to learn about their approaches for addressing environmental health concerns. She will then compare the accumulated evidence with her experience involving similar problems in the United States, and is expected to prepare a paper on her findings.

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