Fitness App Tracks Activity

September 4, 2013

Originally published on Feb. 25, 2013

CardioTrainer is a comprehensive fitness tool that keeps track of your favorite physical activities and results on the go. The app can seamlessly track both indoor and outdoor activities, from biking to yoga, as well as provide feedback on the amount of calories burned and heart rate.

The app features an advanced GPS and pedometer tool that are simple to use. It also functions as an interactive heart rate monitor that not only sees and records heart rate but also provides information on fat burn zones. An integrated voice output and music player helps maintain engagement and motivation throughout the workout, which can be scheduled on the app with reminders. In addition, CardioTrainer includes a racing option with high score recording with competition and rewards. A friend activity feed allows you to share and connect with others as well as motivate each other.

Click here to download the Android app. 

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