Mayor’s, Other Leaders’ Flu Shots Televised In Columbus, GA

September 4, 2013

Originally published Nov. 14, 2011

Columbus, Georgia once again turned out its best city leaders and representatives to roll up their sleeves and arm themselves against the flu! On October 17, Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, Sheriff John Darr, Marshal Greg Countryman, Representative Debbie Buckner, District Attorney Julia Slater, Spanish Community Liaison Carlos Huertas, and Columbus Lions Quarterback Chris Blanton volunteered to get flu shots in the 3rd Annual Flu Vaccination press conference at the Columbus Department of Public Health. Three local television stations captured each participant receiving their shot and donning a bright blue adhesive bandage to proudly show they had armed themselves against the flu. The example the Columbus city leaders set convinced a local camera man to roll up his sleeve and get his annual flu shot as well.

Flu season can be unpredictable and the best way to prevent the flu is to get the vaccination each fall. This year’s flu shot protects against three viruses likely to cause the flu this year, including H1N1. Mayor Tomlinson stressed the importance of getting the flu shot, stating that individuals cannot afford to miss a week of work in rough economic times, especially in the public service sector where their community depends on them. While flu season usually lasts from October through May, it takes a couple of weeks for the vaccine to reach optimal effectiveness. So, don’t wait, follow the leader and get your flu shot today at your local health department or at a number of other locations across the state.

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