LaGrange-Based Health District Embraces DPH ‘Good to Great’ Movement

August 18, 2014

As the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) moves toward refined and improved delivery of health services throughout the state, one thing is clear – county health departments can make all the difference. This change is alive in LaGrange-based public health district 4.

Earlier this month, managers from each of the district’s 12 counties and the district office joined to launch ‘Good to Great’ (G2G) locally. The movement, based upon on Jim Collins' book by the same name, provides the framework for all public health employees in Georgia to change the culture and, at the same time, improve the delivery of public health services.

"After attending the state office launch, the District 4 leadership team embraced the concept of G2G,” said Olugbenga Obasanjo, M.D., Ph.D., district health director. “We want to share Commissioner Fitzgerald’s vision for greater efficiency with our entire district.”

District 4 employees were encouraged to realize the potential within themselves by understanding and implementing Collins' principles, which include a standardized decision-making process to unify employees. Improving communication between county and district levels will also improve results, district administrators said.

Employees throughout the counties of the district expressed eagerness at putting into practice Collins’ principles and celebrating their progress of becoming a more cohesive organization with a clear vision and mission.

“I found this G2G kick off very informative and I was excited about bringing this new approach back to my team,” said Beth Crocker, a billing supervisor. “Other managers that I spoke with agreed… the format is motivating and inspiring.”

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