Kick ‘N It For Health

September 29, 2014

With a few exceptions, the players in last week’s kickball tournament at Pemberton Place in Atlanta had not played the game since seventh grade. It didn’t take long for those skills to be remembered as teams competed in the ‘Kick ‘N It For Health’ contest sponsored by Coca-Cola and organized by the Capitol Hill Fitness Center and the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH).

The overall goal for everyone was to take some time out from their regular work days to emphasize first-hand the importance of daily physical activity to overall health. A bit of the old school-yard competitive mindset helped ensure that this was truly an exciting event for all participants.

“This was the first-ever event of its kind held at Pemberton Place,” said Susanne Koch, DPH’s Worksite Wellness coordinator. “Coca-Cola’s support of our employee sporting event is an inspiring demonstration of the company’s continued commitment to wellness and the fight against obesity.”

Showing their support for the Georgia SHAPE program, the DPH Communications team donned the blue SHAPE shirts and took the field Thursday afternoon against a team comprised mainly of epidemiologists who appeared as if kick-ball could have been their second calling.

In the spirit of Power Up for 30, these two teams ran, kicked, caught and threw for at least 30 minutes. It was a close, competitive game with the epidemiology team falling just short in their comeback, closing an 8 to 2 deficit to 8 to 5 before time ran out.

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