East Central Health District Leaders Appointed Adjunct Professors at Georgia Regents University

April 20, 2015

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) is excited to congratulate Stephen Goggans, M.D., district health director; Joy Miller, MSPH, MSA, director of the Office of Epidemiology; and Tammy Burdeaux, RN, BSN, CRNI, district nursing and clinical director at the East Central Health District, for their recent appointments as adjunct faculty members at Georgia Regents University (GRU).

All three East Central Health District leaders will contribute their extensive public health insights to students in GRU’s Master of Public Health program within its Department of Health Management and Informatics at the College of Allied Health Sciences.

With more than 30 years of public health experience and medical training between them, Goggans, Miller and Burdeaux will work with faculty in preparing specific lectures, revising and expanding public health curriculum and working with students.

As a new Public Health Director at DPH, Dr. Goggans has an extensive background in education and has spent many years in the classroom. The partnership with GRU is important to the East Central Health District as GRU is the institution that has been a major force in patient care, research and education in Augusta for many years.

The East Central Health District is developing certificate programs in Public Health with GRU’s College of Allied Health Sciences which can help grow and improve the local health department’s capacity according to Dr. Goggans.

“Workforce development is a priority for our department and is essential to the future of a vibrant public health presence in Georgia,” said Dr. Goggans. “I find teaching incredibly rewarding as it gives me a chance to have what I hope is a positive influence on the next generation of health care and public health practitioners. It also opens up channels for research and other collaborations that can assist the East Central Health District in understanding the needs of our community.”

For the past several years, Miller has lectured students within the GRU Department of Health Management and Informatics. She looks forward to providing students with a realistic perspective on the crucial role public health serves in protecting the health of Georgia residents.

“The lecture topics vary around the role of epidemiology in public health including syndromic surveillance and community health status assessments,” said Miller. “It’s important to teach students about real world public health issues that cannot ordinarily be obtained through academia. It is one thing to study how major public health threats occur within our society, but it is a very different experience when actually investigating, containing and preventing these threats. Usually, I find that most students are totally unaware of the diverse and challenging roles within each area of public health.”

Prior to the appointment, Burdeaux served on the advisory board for GRU’s public health graduate program. In her new role, she will advise students on working through their public health education and career decisions.

“I have assisted GRU with their recent accreditation and the Public Health certification program,” said Burdeaux. “I am responsible for student placement for the East Central Health District where I advise students on identifying professional development opportunities that help them satisfy the MPH program requirements, meet their personal goals, and benefit Public Health in Georgia.”

DPH advocates for community collaborations that help bridge the reality of public health with academia. With the recent GRU appointments for DPH’s East Central Health District leaders, DPH is doing its part in preparing and educating the next generation of the state’s public health practitioners.

To learn more about the Public Health programs at Georgia Regents University, visit its College of Allied Health Science online. You can also find information about public health services in the East Central Health District at www.ecphd.com.  

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