DPH Wins Most Fit Company Award at the 2015 Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk

September 30, 2015

Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) emerged as a winner at last week’s Kaiser Permanente (KP) Corporate Run/Walk as the agency was presented with the Corporate Cup Award for the Most Fit Company, which was presented to four companies in total.                                                           

Judging for Corporate Cup Award was based on organization size and surveys that examined employee health and wellness programs. Christine Greene, DPH’s deputy chief of staff, Susanne Koch, MS, ACSM-HFS, PES, worksite wellness coordinator, Carmen Daniel, Worksite Wellness specialist, and Effeline Blackwell, fitness center manager for the Capitol Hill Fitness Center, accepted the award on behalf of the agency.

“I have really enjoyed the experience attending the KP Run/Walk the last two years,” said Greene. “This was a wonderful opportunity to promote worksite wellness and to practice what we preach in so many of our programs. The event included lots of fun, food and a chance to meet other DPH employees as well as employees from other state agencies.”

In total, DPH was represented by 60 runners from the agency. They were among 297 state employees running alongside 16,000 total participants – the largest state employee team in the event’s history.

Leah Hoffacker, Strategic National Stockpile program manager, DPH Emergency Preparedness and Response, was a first-time participant at this year’s run. She trained by running three to five miles multiple times a week and lifted weights to ensure her muscles were strong enough for the run.                                                                                                                  

“I started running a couple of years ago and I try to sign up for a few races every year,” said Hoffacker. “I wanted to support my co-workers, both new and old runners, as well as meet some other runners in our department.”

Making fitness a priority is a daily task for Brianna Bailey, Capitol Hill Fitness Club trainer, certified personal trainer, CrossFit coach and group exercise instructor. As a fitness enthusiast, Bailey felt she could gain something from participating in the event. She set a personal goal to improve her cardiovascular endurance.

“It is important that everyone be well rounded when it comes to fitness,” said Bailey. “Although I am guilty of it myself, sticking to one thing you love will eventually no longer increase your physical fitness. We all need to get out of our comfort zones and work on what we are lacking. In this case for me, it was running.”

Lynne Mercedes, Hepatitis program director for DPH’s Acute Disease Epidemiology Section, also participated as a first-time walker and wanted to have fun while maintaining her health. In preparation for the event, Mercedes power walked three times a week and enjoyed 45-minute Zumba sessions. She also participated in Dancercise classes at her local Kaiser Permanente clinic to increase her cardio and fitness.

“I’ve never done any kind of marathon event before,” said Mercedes. “I like that this was an evening event and only 3.2 miles.”

Organized by U.S. Olympian and running expert Jeff Galloway, the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk is designed to promote health, wellness and fitness among 400 metro Atlanta companies and their employees. It’s described as the “World’s Largest Office Party.”

To learn more about the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk and view the full list of results from the event, visit www.KPCorporateRunWalk.com

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