DPH’s State Intern and Volunteer Program Receives Award from Morehouse School of Medicine

October 29, 2015

Morehouse School of Medicine recently presented an award to the Georgia Department of Public Health’s (DPH) State Intern and Volunteer Program.

The State Intern and Volunteer Program offers learning experiences for students and individuals interested in the field of public health or programs that support public health.

DPH’s Chief of Staff Office of Science, Research and Academic Affairs received an award for work with Morehouse’s master of public health students (MPH), medical students and medical residents.

Morehouse placed three MPH students to complete public health practicums at DPH, as well as five medical residents at DPH to complete their public health rotation. They developed a public health elective for fourth year medical students.

“It is important for us to foster the talent of these students because they will be our future public health workforce,” said L’laina Rash, program consultant and manager of DPH’s intern program. “We need to train and support them so they can enter the workforce ready to effectively and efficiently support our mission and the field of public health.”

The MPH students and medical residents working with DPH have completed projects through a variety of areas within the agency including health departments throughout DPH’s 18 public health districts, the Division of Health Promotion, the Division of Health Protection and the Office of the Chief of Staff.  

“The state of Georgia will benefit from the educational opportunities offered to these students because we will have a public health workforce that understands how to apply knowledge in real public health settings,” said Rash. “These professionals will hit the ground running and make great strides in improving Georgia’s health.”  

Rash says there are plans to grow the State Intern and Volunteer Program by increasing the opportunities and partnerships throughout Georgia that will provide even more hands-on experiences for students.

To learn more about DPH’s intern program, please contact L’laina Rash at llaina.rash@dph.ga.gov

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