DPH Intranet Rolls Out

February 29, 2016

Drum roll, please!  On March 1, the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) celebrated and rolled out the DPH Intranet which is intended to simplify communication among the 5,770 employees and contractors throughout the agency. Since launching the stand-alone agency in 2011, DPH is transforming even more with new technology for connectivity, simplicity and efficiency. 

The DPH Intranet is designed to make life much easier and faster at DPH. With just an Outlook password and a few clicks on the computer, employees can now access a myriad of agency forms, policies, programs and services at their fingertips. For example, the DPH Intranet provides short cuts and information for alerts, news, blogs, worksite wellness programs, employee retirement system (ERS), employee self-service, Georgia Breeze, Georgia Flexible Benefits, jobs, NeoGov, SABA, State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP), Team Georgia, and DPH Public Website.

Disseminating and posting information for employees across the 159 public health departments and 18 public health districts can take a lot of resources and time.

“We are growing with technology,” said Nancy Nydam, director of the Division of Communications. “The DPH Intranet is key to how we reach employees in the future about weather emergencies or to disseminate information about programs or events.”

DPH Intranet enables employees to connect without spending lots of time locating passwords and URLs to gain access. The change supports DPH’s movement from just a good organization to a great organization.

“I made a promise at last year’s Good to Great meeting to find a better, more efficient way to handle internal communication. I am thrilled we are launching the DPH Intranet,” said Brenda Fitzgerald, M.D., DPH commissioner. “Now I ask for your commitment to using the DPH Intranet and checking it regularly for updates.”

To get to this point, project manager LaTonya White and her team spent months designing, implementing, testing and rolling out the DPH Intranet.

“This is an exciting day for everyone,” said White. The DPH Intranet is a collaborative effort between IT, PMO, communications, the chief of staff’s office and of course our employees. The DPH Intranet is the unification of Public Health systems and employees.”

And that effort doesn’t end with the launch of the DPH Intranet.

“We hope that all DPH employees will see this as their site,” said Tanisha Adams, project management director. “It will be their voice. This is the place where they can submit ideas and information across the agency. We see the DPH Intranet evolving based on feedback from employees and contractors.”

To learn more about the DPH Intranet or to get help with access or navigation issues, send your questions, comments and/or feedback to dph.intranet@dph.ga.gov


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