Chemical Hazards Community Outreach

The Chemical Hazards Program (CHP) provides community outreach in several ways:

Organize Your Community

CHP supports the development of community organizations and facilitates these by providing information on how to organize and to become active in environmental issues that affect communities. Find information on how to organize a community advisory group and who to contact to help you.

Community Needs Assessment

We develop site-specific community education programs based on community requests and needs assessments. Learn about the process of conducting a community needs assessment to identify the education needs of residents.

Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice addresses issues of discrimination when dealing with environmental hazards. Find links to information on current issues and Environmental Justice Organizations.

Household Hazardous Waste

There are many alternatives to common household products that you can use that are better for the environment and safer for you and your family. Find simple and inexpensive products that you can use to reduce pollution and decrease the risks to human health.

Cancer and the Environment

What is a cancer cluster and how might one be identified? Find information and links about the relationships between exposures to chemicals in the environment and the possibility that these exposures may cause cancer.