Asthma: Strategic Priorities and Plan

Utilizing various data sources, the Georgia’s Asthma Control Program serves as the premier source of population based surveillance data on asthma morbidity and mortality for the state. Our role is to lead the development of the state’s strategic plan for asthma through the statewide asthma coalition; provide intervention, programmatic and technical support for asthma through Georgia’s public health districts; and mobilize strategic collaboration between private, public and governmental sectors to implement strategies that advance asthma care in Georgia.

In an effort to reduce the burden of asthma among children, adults and families, the work of the Georgia Asthma Control Program (GACP) is guided by program objectives featured below. 

Program Objectives

  • Decrease asthma-related emergency department visits, hospitalizations and deaths. 
  • Maintain a comprehensive surveillance system in Georgia by using data to track pattenrs and trends related to prevalence, burden and risks. 
  • Implement science-based "best practices" to achieve positive health impacts. 
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of the public and community regarding asthma-related issues. 
  • Identify training needs and opportunities to improve knowledge, skills, attitutdes, and practices regarding asthma. 
  • Increase knowledge and improve the ability of patients and families to self-manage their asthma. 
  • Increase awareness and use of proper asthma management techniques among disparate populations. 
  • Promote the adoption of current standards related to asthma care, management and treatment.