Hypertension Management Outreach (HMO) Program: Strategic Priorities and Highlights

The Georgia Hypertension Management and Outreach (HMO) Program objectives and highlights are featured below. 

Program Objective

Increase the proportion of adults with hypertension participating in the HMO program:

·         Whose blood pressure is under control

·         Meet the recommended guidelines for body mass index (BMI)

·         Meet the recommended guidelines for sodium consumption

·         Meet the recommended guidelines for physical activity

·         Achieve tobacco cessation

Program Highlights

In 2005, the Research Triangle Institute (RTI), under contract with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted a study to determine the factors that contribute to this successful blood pressure control program.

The evaluation summary concluded that “Georgia’s hypertension management program is a successful, cost-effective program targeting an unfulfilled need in the state. Without this program, the state would eventually face much higher costs attributable to complications of hypertension.”