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CATAPULT Model to Improve Diagnosis and Care for Chronic Conditions

In 2016, DPH launched CAPAULT, a new health care model designed to improve the diagnosis and quality of care for chronic conditions.  Created as an eight-component model, CATAPULT creates a standardized and systematic approach to improving the control and management of hypertension, diabetes and other related conditions across various health systems in Georgia.

The new model offers an opportunity for health systems to significantly improve their existing health care delivery practices to support positive population health outcomes using technology and data.

Components of the CATAPULT model include:

Committing to participating
Assessing your practice or system
Training opportunities
Activating community resources
Prepare your Action Plan
Utilize your Action Plan
Leverage data systems
Testing and implement various approaches

Through the CATAPULT, DPH is aiming to reduce hospitalizations for Type II Diabetes by 25 percent by 2020; reduce hospitalizations for hypertension by 10 percent by 2020; improve hospital and health system performance measures; and build a community of health care providers engaged in continuous quality improvement.

DPH will provide a variety of services that will prepare providers to fully adopt the new model such as tailored quality improvement support designed to optimize chronic disease registries and build more effective practice teams; support to strengthen delivery of evidence-based care for chronic disease management and increased patient engagement; and access to educational support and tools, including team-based care, patient self-management and community resource tools.   

These competitive awards are offered to health systems and are intended to assist health systems with implementing quality improvement processes such as improved data capture, improved reporting on National Quality Forum measures 18 and 59, and increase medication adherence. 

Download this pdf file. Access CATAPULT Here

Next Steps: Contact DPH to request formal presentation on how to enroll in CATAPULT for your health system. 

Point of Contact:   Shana Scott, [email protected] 

Eligibility: Any Georgia-based health system is eligible to apply.

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Funding for this project is provided by the Georgia Department of Public Health under Centers for Disease Control Cooperative Agreement # 6 NU58DP004801-03-03.

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