The Cost of Tobacco Use

In addition to health hazards, the use of tobacco presents a significant financial burden, not only on the individual user, but on other related entities including the general public and institutional budgets.

In the State of Georgia

  • Each year Georgia spends approximately $1.8 billion in healthcare costs and $3.2 billion in lost productivity costs due to cigarette smoking among adults.
  • If the current adult smoking prevalence persists, an estimated 219,000 Georgia residents who were between ages 0-17 years in 2010 could die prematurely from smoking related illnesses during their adulthood
  • This projected number of smoking-related deaths could result in an estimated $4 billion attributed to future healthcare costs (Reference: 2012 Georgia Adult Tobacco Use Data Summary).

On College Campuses

College campuses endure the following institutional costs associated with campus tobacco use:

  • Loss of productivity and sick leave
  • Increased health care costs
  • Increased liability
  • Increased risk of fires on campus and possible increase of insurance premiums
  • Maintenance costs of cleaning up cigarette butts and other tobacco litter