DPH Brownfields to Healthfields Initiative

ATSDR Brownfield/Land Reuse Health Initiative 
Brownfields and Land Reuse Sites
Georgia Brownfields Act
EPA Brownfields Program

Two grants (2010, 2014) from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (atsdr.cdc.gov) provided DPH with funding to initiate brownfields and land reuse activities to address localized public health conditions, as well as any potential health concerns related to redevelopment. For example, health consultations look at contaminants found in soil, water, sediment, air and food, and any potential correlations between environmental conditions at brownfield/land reuse sites and health problems in a community. Scientists, environmental engineers, public health professionals and toxicologists collaborate to document and assess environmental and health conditions specific to neighborhoods where brownfields and land reuse projects are located.

Brownfields to Healthfields Initiative activities include:

  • Evaluation of soil, sediment, groundwater, air and food sample results for potential exposure pathways and resulting health effects
  • Communicating exposure prevention information to the community
  • Partnerships with developers to encourage them to include public health priorities in their plans, and address community concerns during the construction phase
  • Survey of development community to determine levels of awareness of the Georgia Brownfields Law and experience with brownfields projects
  • Working with a Community Advisory Group (CAG) to ensure two-way communications with people in the area as well as partnerships with other community-based groups
  • Safe tire disposal program
  • Collaboration with other federal, state, and county agencies and institutions.

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