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Healthy Kids Learn Better

Studies have shown that by adopting wellness policies, children miss less days of school, are more active during the day, and have access to healthier food choices. As educators of young children, you care about helping them grow up healthy and strong and you know that early childhood environments play a critical role in the comprehensive approach to improving child health. Implementing a wellness policy will demonstrate that your organization recognizes the importance of lifelong health and that lifelong health and learning starts in early childhood.

The Department of Public Health developed two training curricula for early care settings: The Growing Fit Kit: Wellness policies in Georgia’s Early Care Environment and Asthma-Friendly Childcare Centers Toolkit.  The toolkits are each accompanied by an associated training to guide early care educators in wellness policy development and practices to create healthy learning environments for Georgia’s children.  The Department of Public Health is also finalizing a training and toolkit for early care providers called Eat. Move. Talk!, a food, movement, and language nutrition curriculum.

Both the Growing Fit and the GAME-CS training programs are set to expand their reach within the next year. An additional 125 centers and associated staff will be trained in physical activity and nutrition policies with the assistance of HealthMPowers. An additional 100 centers and associated staff will be trained in asthma management and asthma-friendly policies by the Georgia Asthma Control Program's approved trainers.

Growing Fit Kit: Wellness policies in Georgia’s Early Care Environment

The tool kit contains:

  • Explanation of the importance of a wellness policy,

  • Self-assessment tool to evaluate current policies and practices

  • Success stories from other early care settings

  • Healthy eating and physical activity resources

  •  Planning document with suggestions and examples for writing the policy

This educational learning experience features:

  • Growing Fit Kit: Wellness policies in Georgia’s Early Care Environment

  • Package of items including music and books about nurtition

  • DECAL approved CEU course


ABCs of Wellness Policies                                                                         





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The Georgia Asthma Management Education in Childcare Settings (GAME-CS)

The toolkit and training was developed in partnership with members of the Georgia Asthma Advisory Board to assist early care providers adopting and implementing asthma-friendly policies.  In its pilot phase (2012-2013), 44 early care centers were trained in the GAME-CS curriculum, and 26 centers have received Asthma-Friendly Recognition.

Asthma-Friendly Childcare Centers Toolkit

The toolkit contains:

  • Description of asthma and how to manage triggers
  • Importance of asthma-management policies
  • Asthma-Friendly Childcare Center Recognition Guidance
  • Sample Asthma Action Plan
  • Environmental Triggers Checklist

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