EMS Education

Continuing Education

You will need to complete a total of 40 hours of State approved EMS continuing education credits which include:

8 hours of Pediatric topics
4 hours of Cardiovascular topics (Stemi and Stroke)
4 hours of Trauma topics
24 hours of General EMS topics (except CPR and ACLS topics)

While National Registry is not required to be renewed for recertification in Georgia you will need to complete a total of 40 hours of State approved EMS continuing education credits in order to maintain your license active.

We have created a list of Approved Training/Courses for licensed EMS personnel.

It is your responsibility to save all continuing education transcripts which you can provide the State should you be audited by the Georgia State of EMS and Trauma Office. Failure to provide the requested, required documentation will result in the suspension or revocation of your EMS license.

You may also contact one of our Regional EMS Program Director to find out more about additional training resources/classes which are offered in your county.

Georgia Infectious Disease Transport - Operations & Technician Level Courses Available

2018-2019 Infectious Disease Transport Courses (Operations and Technician Levels). These courses are highly interactive and free of charge to attend as they are sponsored by the Georgia Department of Public Health/State Office of EMS. 

Dates for the classes are as follows: 

Operations - October 30 (Dalton); November 7 (Metro Atlanta); December 11 (Dublin); February 12 (Columbus); or March 12 (Forsyth)

Technician - Oct 31-Nov 1 (Dalton); November 8-9 (Metro Atlanta), February 13-14 (Columbus), or March 13-14 (Forsyth)

NOTE: You must have completed the Operations Level training prior to taking the more advanced Technician Level course, so plan accordingly.

EMS CEUs are available for those attending classes. 

Space in each class is limited, see the attached flyer to sign up today! 



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