Assessments and Consultations

The aim of public health assessments and health consultations is to find out whether people are being exposed to hazardous substances and, if so, whether that exposure is harmful. Public health assessments and consultations are conducted by environmental health scientists from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) and from state agencies with which ATSDR has cooperative agreements, including the Georgia Department of Public Health, Chemical Hazards Program (CHP).

Public health assessments and health consultations differ only in their scope. A public health assessment looks at all environmental media that have been affected at a hazardous materials incident, and attempts to determine the full extent of all possible exposures. A health consultation looks into a specific exposure pathway, and is a way to respond quickly to a need for health information and make recommendations for immediate actions to protect public health.

For public health assessments and health consultations conducted nationally go to the ATSDR web site.

Page last updated 02/03/2020