Lead Abatement & Certification

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Environmental Protection Division creates and enforces rules based on Georgia (Official Code of Georgia Annotated) Statutes. The agency's rules for lead-based paint abatement, certification, and accreditation are in accordance with The Georgia Lead Poisoning Prevention Act of 1994. These rules form DNR Chapter 391-3-24.

Lead Abatement Activities

Abatement refers to any activity that gets rid of lead-based paint or lead-based paint hazards. DNR states that abatement includes, but is not limited to:

  • The permanent containment or encapsulation of lead-based paint,
  • The replacement of lead-painted surfaces or fixtures,
  • The removal or covering of lead contaminated soil; and
  • All preparation, cleanup, disposal, and post abatement clearance testing activities associated with such measures.

For more information on abatement activities as they pertain to Georgia's law, refer to DNR Chapter 391-3-24.

If you want to find a certified contractor who does lead-based paint abatement, contact DNR.

Finding a Lead Inspector or Lead Risk Assessor

The health department conducts home investigations to find lead sources in the home. These investigations are done when a child has a confirmed elevated blood lead level (>10 ug/dL). The health department does not do home investigations under other circumstances. If you would like to have your home checked for lead, contact a lead inspector or lead risk assessor. To find professionals in your area, contact DNR.

Becoming a Certified Lead-Training Program, Lead Risk Assessor, or Lead Inspector

Under the Georgia Lead Poisoning Prevention Act of 1994, all persons who conduct or claim they are trained to conduct any lead-based paint activities must have the correct licensure or certification as decided by the Board of Natural Resources. If you would like to become a certified lead-training program, lead risk assessor, or lead inspector, contact DNR. They provide the forms needed to apply for certification.

Page last updated 03/08/16