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The Georgia Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention surveillance program collects and analyzes data that is used to help plan, implement, and evaluate Georgia's lead poisoning prevention activities.

Lead screening data are entered into the Stellar database that was created by the CDC. The Georgia Stellar database contains data for 1998 through 2003 for children less than 16 years of age. Analyses are done using SAS statistical analysis software. The lead screening data are address matched and analyzed by location with ArcGis mapping software. The maps on the Web site were produced by using ArcView 8.3. The data available on the website summarize surveillance information that has been reviewed and accepted by the CDC.

You can contact GHHLPPP to request more detailed or more recently collected data.

Data Notes:

  • A child can only be screened once initially within a specified period of time (ex. 1999). All other tests are confirmatory and/or follow-up tests. Elevated blood lead data are based on the highest test result (capillary or venous) within that period of time.
  • Records for which the child's date of birth is unknown or incorrect are dropped.
  • Age is based on the child's age when the blood specimen with highest test result was collected.
  • The data represent all records reported to the GHHLPPP during the year.
  • 0 to 4 case of elevated blood lead levels are reported as <5 to preserve confidentiality.
  • County is county of residence of the child at the time of the screen.

Childhood Lead Screening Data in Georgia
These tables provide data on the number of blood lead screens and elevated blood lead levels among children (<6 years old) in Georgia, by county, Public Health District, age, race, gender and year.

Georgia Healthy Homes Srategic Plan to Eliminate Childhood Lead Poisoning in Georgia


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Georgia Housing Data from the U.S. Census Bureau
Housing Update, 2000 

This table shows the number of housing built before 1950 and 1980 by county, Georgia, 2000.

Childhood Lead Poisoning in Georgia: A Needs Assessment

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