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Contact Environmental Health

Frequently Asked Questions

For COVID-19 related complaints about restaurants or pools, contact the County Environmental Health Office.

For complaints, record requests, services, inspections, exams, or other locally-related questions, contact your County Environmental Health Office:
Download this pdf file.Download pdf with county numbers and staff names  or
View phone numbers as webpage.

COVID Hotline: (844) 442-2681

After Hours Public Health Emergencies

1-866-PUB-HLTH (782-4584)

Download this pdf file.Non-Public Health Environmental Related Contacts Brochure

COVID-19 Guidance for Pools, Download this pdf file.Water Parks Download this pdf file.Restaurants, Download this pdf file.Tourist Accommodations , and Download this pdf file.Body Art Studios .

State Office 
NOTE: We are unable to address restaurant questions/complaints and we are unable to provide local records; please contact your County Env Health Office)


Download this pdf file.Certification Requirements  (read this first!)
Download this pdf file.Contractor Application  (installers & pumpers)
Download this pdf file.Company Application

          Download this pdf file.Geologists  ( Download this doc file.Word version )

          Download this pdf file.Engineers  ( Download this doc file.Word version )

          Download this pdf file.Soil Classifiers ( Download this doc file.Word version )

Additional Soil Classifier Info

Study Guides:


Download this pdf file.Portable Sanitation Pumping
Download this pdf file.Septic Tank Pumping

Septic Tank Installation:

Download this pdf file.Commercial
Download this pdf file.Drip Emitter System
Download this pdf file.Mound and Area Fill
Download this pdf file.Residential  (also used for the Soil Classifier DPH Rules and Regs test)