Environmental Health Contractor Certification

* Scroll down to see the fee payment link.

NOTE: Pumper Companies must have renewed their County Septage and Removal Permits by 12/31/20. Call your Download this pdf file.County Env Health Office to schedule an inspection and manifest review.  

How do to become a certified septic tank installer or pumper:

  1. Review the certification requirements for individuals and companies.  Download this pdf file.Click here .
  2. Study for the exam(s). You must pass at least the Residential Exam in order to install.
  3. Contact your County Environmental Health Office to schedule your exam.  Download this pdf file.Click here .
  4. Complete the application(s) and bring them to your county.
  5. If starting a new company, pay your company certification fee online below for fast processing; expect delays if mailing a check.
  6. If you are a pumper company, you need to have your truck(s) inspected by the county and be issued a County Septage and Removal Permit. Call your County Env Health Office.

Renewal Requirements (next renewal cycle is 2/28/2022):

  • Must be working under a certified company.
  • Continuing education every 2 years (Installers = 8 hrs; Pumpers = 6 hrs).
  • Company fee payment ($100 late fee if renewing after 2/28/20).  
  • County pumper permit must be current for all pumping companies

Important Notes: 

  • If you were previously certified and have been non-certified for over 2 years, you must reapply and retest. 
  • If you are changing companies, need to change your contact information, or have any questions about certification, please call the State Environmental Health Office at 404-657-6534.

Company Certification Payment Amounts Due

$100 Late Fee after 2/28/20

* If renewing and paying anytime after 2/28/20 and you don't include the late fee, your certification will not be processed. *



Certification Fee
Installer OR 

Septic Tank Pumper
$400 New

$500 Late Renewal
Installer AND Septic Tank/

Portable Sanitation Pumper
$800 New

$900 Late Renewal
Septic Tank AND Portable

Sanitation Pumper
$400 New

$500 Late Renewal
Portable Sanitation

Pumper ONLY
$300 New

$400 Late Renewal

Expect delays if mailing a check or money order.

Make payment out to GA DPH, Env Health and send to:

Env Health, 2 Peachtree St NW, 13th Floor; Atlanta, GA 30303. 

Please call us at 404-657-6534 or email: environmentalhealth@dph.ga.gov if you have any questions. 


Contact Environmental Health

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