Georgia HAI Prevention Plan

Georgia Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) Program

Georgia Enhanced HAI Infrastructure in 2012-2013

In 2012, the GHAIAC continued to evaluate methods to have HAI data reported to the state to improve the infrastructure of the Georgia HAI Program. It was identified that HAIs could be reported to the state under the state notifiable disease list, and through the GDPH General Counsel established that these data could be protected from discoverability in accordance with Georgia law, Code Sections 31-12-2(a) and 31-5-5. The GHAIAC agreed with this approach and that the notifiable disease list would include all measures under the CMS federal reporting requirements.

Given that HAI data will be reported to the state, the GDPH is currently focused on strengthening its infrastructure as follows:

  • Continue work with the GHAIAC to strengthen its communication structure to provide information to providers and consumers on the topic of state HAIs.
  • Lead training on NHSN enrollment, data collection, protocol, and analyses. Six trainings have been scheduled to be conducted by GDPH staff between August 1 and November 30, 2012.
  • Evaluate methods to support future validation of state data. This work includes piloting a CLABSI validation tool with the goal of offering voluntary validation to the extent current funding allows. It also includes investigating the possibility of being able to link NHSN data to discharge data to assist with future validation of SSI data if resources permit.
  • Develop facility feedback reports to improve data quality and provide Georgia healthcare facilities with benchmarks to gauge performance.  

Download this pdf file. Georgia HAI Prevention Plan, 2013